Numbers & Interests

Thinking About Numbers

The first trimester of Kindergarten focuses on numbers 0-10. Some parents feel this is quite low, but students are really analyzing those numbers. This week the analyzing started with the shape of the numbers. What shapes/peices are used to create the written numbers? Students collaborated to use their bodies to form numbers 0-9 .

Additionally, subitizing is a skill that allows students to see a visual representation of numbers in groups with fluency. Students used dot cards with different variations of dots to play a simple match game. Each student turned over two cards, if the total number of dots was 5 then the student got to keep the set.

The Number 5

One group talks about what peices they will need to form to create the number 9

Playing the 5 match game. Turning over 2 cards that make 5.







She got a 5!











They all got 5!















Reading Interests

This week in KB students made progress towards understanding the Reading Workshop routines. Students named the topics they were interested in reading about, our classroom library was filled with books based on their interests, and students finally got their own book boxes to house books that they want to read! Some of the interests in KB include sea animals, transportation (trains,cars,trucks), people in the community, and their favorite characters such as Clifford and Pete the Cat. During independent reading times students focused on finding their reading spaces and looking at the pictures in the books of their interests. Next week students will delve deeper into reading pictures and sharing their books with a reading partner! 

Students often choose the create their own spaces/furniture using big wooden blocks. As the year progresses they will get more creative with how they use the classroom space.

Students find a space of their liking. It can always change from one reading time to another. The goal is for students to feel comfortable at home when experiencng reading.

 Dinosaurs are always a crowd favorite in KG.

Students have individual book boxes where they store story books of interests and soon will have levelled books of their choosing.

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