Ipads in KB are used to enhance and document student learning.

This week students used the photo & markup features on the ipad to record their work.

Eventually this skill will help them upload posts to their personal SeeSaw accounts which parents and family members have access to.

Students also practiced using the app RAZKIDs which is an interactive reading app. Starting next week students will independently use this app during Reading Workshop. Students are scheduled to use RAZKIDs once a week in class. Beginning in October I will send home instructions and passwords for this app so that it can be used at home. I ask that you please refrain from downloading until that time so we can continue to practice RAZKIDs expectations in class.

A student taken photo of the object they made with playdough that starts with the /s/ sound. The student then used markup to write the word.

A student taking a photo of the word he constructured for the /t/ sound. It was his name, so it is blurred out 🙂

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