The past two weeks the KB students have been on a mini inquiry/challenge. They were given four pictures. With each picture students talked about what they saw in the photo, what was happening/what was the person doing, and then they tried to mimic the actions presented in the picture. Each picture took 1 day and was used as a warm up to math time. On the 4th day I asked the question, “What is the same about all the photos”. There were a lot of answers ranging from, “They all have white” to “There’s people in all of them”. Finally after 2 weeks and a couple hints they discovered that all of the pictures are of MATH! In the coming weeks we will delve deeper into what is math? and what do mathematicans do? In order to keep our minds open and begin to see math everywhere! As these thinking routines become part of our warm up we have also played simple number sense games, practiced number writing formation, and have used the book “How Many?” to dive into counting with lots of possibilities.

It took KB Ss 8 days to find the connection between all 4 pictures. We talked about the idea of productive struggle and that if I just told them answer their minds wouldn’t have had to work.

Students playing a simply math game that requires counting and one to one correspondence.

Ss playing the counting math game together

Finding multiple answers to the question, “How Many”

Studnets using a number chart together to figure out how to write the number 12 as they work in their Math notebook

Each student chose a photo to use for counting. There are multiple answers per photo

A students finished math thinking + teacher underwriting

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