Reading Powers

This week KB started to work on strategies to help us start reading.

Phonics paired with reading skill lessons have started us on the path to independent reading.

Letters we’ve covered in phonics so far: s,a,t,p,i,n,c,k,o,m

We have been practicing combining the sounds we know to create our words as well as finding these sounds in our books.

The reading strategies we have focused on so far are called our READING POWERS! We’ve learned about POINTER POWER and SNAP WORD POWER. Pointer Power helps students build one to one correspondence of words which helps them focus to decode. Snap Word Power is the recognition of words that appear frequently or words that do not follow phonics rules. Snap Words we’ve touched on are: my, a, at, and, I, the, and we.

If your child doesn’t know all of these sounds or snap words yet- dont worry. We will be reviewing and Ms. Xiaoman and Ms. Erlendson are doing small group and individual conferences to helpeveryone.

This week your child will start to bring home levelled readers everyday. The readers are in their blue folders and she be taken home and brought back every single day. The level of these readers may vary based on the skill your child is working on. The levels are not indicators of how good or bad your child is at reading, but rather indicate the level that is appropriate for the skill your child is practicing.

S practicing pointer powers as the whole class followed along. You can also see the “snap word” WE highlighted with tape. This book also touched on emotions we’ve learned in our first Unit of Inquiry.


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