Math & SeeSaw

This week KB began learning two important schools: decomposing numbers & sharing our learning on SeeSaw.

Using math manipulatives students practiced taking a number (1-10) and breaking it into two parts. They then recorded the decomposition using either a number bond (we like to say number bubble) or any other way that demonstrated that the number was broken into parts. As you check your child’s seesaw you may see their recording demonstrating this skill. You may ask them to grab something around the house to help them explain it to you.

Some students focused mainly on handwriting and worked in a small group to make sure they are forming their numbers correctly and are able to recognize their numbers to 10.

On Friday we had an open math exploration day. As students have inquired into what math is and how to record our thinking they have come up with unique ways to approach counting, decomposing numbers, and shapes. Using their math notebooks they recorded their ideas and acted as reflective collaborators as they shared their thinking with friends.

Students traced shapes, counted how many of each shape, and then recorded the number. This task was created by them on math exploration day.


T. grabbed a handful of base 10 blocks and said, “I’m going to count how many”. WIth help from teachers and a number chart he began to count by 10s.

S. used cubes to create a big number and made a number bond to show how she can decompose the number into 2 parts. She chose to extend our previous days lessons on exploration day.

Ss working with Ms. Xiaoman on finding the peices needed to make numbers, then writing those peices with correct formation.

S & M using cubes to break apart big numbers into two smaller numbers


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