A Juice Shop Is Born

Last week students expressed interest in the song “A Million Dreams”. Together we learned some of the “snap” words in the song and practiced reading the lyrics. As posted in the class SeeSaw, M. performed the song and Y. performed a dance interpretation on our newly constructed stage. The rest of the gather came together to set up seats for the audience, act as the stage crew to make sure blocks stayed together during the performance, and turning on and off the lights. Students also sang along if they wanted.

Y. and M. on stage for their performance


After our intial performance we had a class reflection about our new stage area and what should be our next step. Student suggestions included: getting instruments, making rules for the stage, telling stories on the stage, and getting something to drink for the performers after their finished. This last idea quickly turned into the idea to create a juice shop that would supply juice for the performance. And so, A juice shop was born!

Stage Rules created and written by KB students

The interest of a peformance stage and instruments didn’t die out though. Here are some photos showcasing ways students used their interest in a class performance area to write and do their own math explorations.

K & T measuring and record the length of she stage












Students writing to show their knowledge of musical instruments

A group of students working together and using critical thinking skills to move furniture for the juice shop





The first steps students took to getting our juice shop running included:

-voting on the type of juice to make

-brainstorming what is needed to run a juice shop

-moving furniture around to create a “shop” space which includes a table and chairs as they suggested in their brainstorm

Brainstorming about the shop. A mix between teacher and student handwriting

The group making the intitial plans for the shop



The group interested in the song “A Million Dreams’ working together to find “snap” words in the lyrics
































Writing the menu for the shop




Today was our most exciting day yet as we got a JUICER in KB!

A group of students worked together to explore the peices and figure out how to put this (8 peice) juicer together. It took them a total of 9 minutes, with countless minutes and using their prior language knowledge, asking questions about how things fit together, and communicating with their group mates.

After the juicer was together we took it a part and as a class talked about each part and with that same language knowledge we created names for each part. It was concluded that if you want to work in our juice shop you need to know the names of the parts. Students agreed on created names or parts like the: smasher, sharp pin, garbage box, and spinner.

Next, students practiced drawing detailed pictures and labelling each part of the juicer. This gave students time to really get to know the machine they will be using and using the shapes they saw within the machine to help them draw it. The labelled drawings are now in the background of the juice shop for referenecs for our workers. During our initial plannig stages students decided that only 2 people can work in the juice shop at one time. I am excited to see once we get started if students make any changes to their 2 person rule and if after using the juicer with electricity if they will change the name of any of the parts!

Additionally, another group used their estimation skills to decide how many apples to order. Some initial thoughts were 3, 20, or 1 big one and 10 smalls ones. We ended up getting 10 total apples delivered plus some oranges, which students were excited about.

Working together to put the juicer together


Many questions have come out of this project, including questions about mixing different types of juices, how to measure the amount of juice, and weather we need to cut or smash the apples before putting them into the “sharp pin”!

Drawing and labelling the “smasher”

Our juice shop area with cups, apples, a juicer, a cash register, a table with chairs, and our labelled parts drawings set up and organized by a small group on Thursday afternoon. 

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  1. Excellent team work! It is really a good way to develop the critical thingking, math skills, and cummunication skills. Thank you!

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