What Does Soil Give Us?

Now that our Juice Shop is up and running KB students have been inquiring into their questions around planting seeds and the use of soil.

Today we read the book “Rocks & Soil”. At the end there is an important question: Did you know that rocks and soil give us so many gifts? We thought about this question and I rephrased it- What does soil give us?

We brainstormed with friends and came up with 3 categories: Vegetables, Fruit, and Plants. Students then went of and recorded some thing they know comes from the soil.

As the year goes on this idea of things “coming from soil” can be extended at home by having conversations on how things grow and where they come from. If your child finds something at home that grew from the soil, encourage them to draw and label it!

Students used their phonics knowledge to stretch out the sounds they hear in words and write them as labels.

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