I See, I Think, I Wonder

In the PYP there are a set of skills defined as the Approaches to Learning (ATLs). Today students learned a protocol for honing their THINKING skills.

As a group we observed a rotting pumpkin (that we’ve been waiting to put in our compost).

Together we talked about and recorded what we saw, what we were thinking, and what we were wondering.

Our rotting pumpkin (and a rotting orange on the side )

Below are their answers scribed exactly as they spoke.

Later in the day we practiced our observation (thinking) skills when reading a book called “In The Forest”. On each page students focused on each picture, before the words, and talked about what they saw. This allowed them to share vocabulary with eachother with geared them up for reading words that are challenging. Next, we read each page and used our thinking skills to use what we saw in the picture and the phonics sounds we know to read the challenging words like “grass” or “berries”. To do this what said what we saw in the picture and what the first sound of the word is, then we decided does it match? If not, what’s another word we know for what we see in the picture, does the first sound in that word match what we’re saying? If so, then we continued to read the sounds to make sure the word is what we thought.

The book In the Forest which all students will have in their book boxes.

Your child will have this same book in their book bag tonight. I encourage you to read it with your child similary to what we did in class.

  1. On each page: Talk about what you see in the pictures, together.
  2. You read the first part “What do you see?” while pointing at the words
  3. Your child points and reads “I see a….” together you decided if the sounds, the word, and the picture at the end all match. This is combining picture power and sound power to be a super reader and a thinker.
  4. Extend this skill to other books in the book bag but talking about the pictures before trying to read the words.

*A small group of students did not read this book with the class, because they exhibited the ability to fo this already. That group got new books in their bags today + “In the Forest” and you will be able to happily follow the same protocol as above.

In the next couple weeks we will continue to make connections between science and literacy by focusing on our thinking skills.


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