Giving is Better Than Getting

With holidays around the corner and KB fortunate enough to hve lots of things in our classroom we have begun talking about the idea of “Giving”. After watching a video about Clarence the fox who isn’t quite happy until he finds joy in giving, KB students talked about what they have to give.  (click the link to watch the video with your child)

Giving Is Better Than Getting Story

Co-created anchor chart where students broke down the idea of giving into: what it means, when/why we do it/ and later we will talk about how it feels to give.

Since everyday for the past couple months KB students have made juice for themselves, we decided it’s time to make juice for others. Students shared who they would like to make juice for, which ended up being the whole school! We narrowed it down to start with giving to the other KG classes and students set out on a mission to make juice for KC first. Next, we will make juice for KA, KD, and then for our siblings around the school. As pointed out in the co-created chart about, sometimes giving is just about being kind and we’ve also discussed that it doesn’t always have to be an object you give; sometimes you can give a hug or a smile and that’s just as important.

A lot of oranges were used in making juice for KC!

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