The Stinky Pumpkin!

Over the past couple months a lot of interests have emerged from play! Here is a look into how we are extending our initial ideas to creating deeper meaning around the concepts KB students are interesed in.

Ms. Xiaoman with a small group observing the rotting pumpkin

As seen above we have different kinds of fruit and vegetables that are rotting and waiting to be put into the compost. This rotting pumpkin has served as the object of deepening our thinking skills to see, think, and wonder as described in our previous post. This week Ms. Xiaoman is meeting with small groups of students to fruther the thinking protocol of I see, I think, I wonder and to help build language at the level of each student. These students are also practicing documenting their own thinking through pictures.

Students who are hosting a performance in our classroom on Dec 11th

Our group of students who are interested in performing for others are creating invitations to invite their friends to view their performance. ALst week, sudetns had to choose a date, time, and decide what materials they need to put on their performance. Today we talked about what information needs to go on an invitation and then they set out to make them! We will have 2 performances which will be hosted by two different groups on Dec 11th and Dec14th. Students have decided to invite select classes or friends to view their short performances.

The block structure that is serving as the inspiration for stories.

Above is the block structure which has been evolving over the past couple weeks. There have been multiple iterations and excitingly the small animals added another layer to the story telling that has been happening during play. Yesterday during play J.Y. and I.P. began to draw the details fo their created block land and discussed what was happening on each peice of the block structure. Today, we encouraged others to draw and tell a story as inspired by the structure. Different groups brought different perspectives on what was happening.

S and E worked on their version of what was happening in the block land. They shared this about their story ,” The chicken wanted in the castle, but the dog said no no no no no no no no no”. This gave the whole class a good laugh!

All of the interests above have connections to curriculur areas and highlight approaches to learning such as: thinking skills, social skills, self management skills, and communication skills.

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