Last week we focused on 2 read alouds! Both read alouds focused on communication.

The first book is called The Recess Queen. This book is about a playground bully. We talked about her body languauge, the words she used, and her actions that made her “mean” or considered a “bully”. We also took note of the illustrations and how the other kids felt based on their facial expressions.

In the end, “Mean Jean” finds friends and enjoys being on the playground with others. This book served as a reminder of the type of communication we don’t want to have- controlling and unkind and how the positive spirit of the kind class mates transformed the atmosphere. This book is available in the SIS library.

The second book KB read on the topic of communication was “How and Why do animals Communicate?”

This book was fun to read as we looked into how animals use body language, sounds, and even smell to communicate to others. We mimiced their communication and compared the similarities animal communication has to human communication.

In the book it mentions that dolphins all have their own unique sound or voice. As a class we played a game where everyone closed their eyes and I chose one person to say a generic phrase. Then, as a class, we tried to guess who it was based on their voice. (We got really good at it!)

Into this week we continue to reference animal communication to reflect on how we communicate. Here are some questions to help with reflection of our communication:

-What is your body communicating?

-What is the way you’re speaking communicating? (sound, volume)

-Do you need to take a break before communicating in order to communicate more calmy and kindly?

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