3 Way Conferences

On Wednesday you will join your child in reflecting on and setting goals for their learning. Here are details about what your child will share with you and how you can be involved in the conversation.  Conferences will be 20 minutes which means that each section of the conferences takes about 5 minutes. We will look over: our growth as a writer, how we can be a better friend/learner, what math skills we have worked on thus far, and a quick parent-teacher [only] debreif for quick questions or reflections.


Here is what you will see in each student involved piece:

  1. How we have grown as writers 

Student have prepared two reflection mats. The first shows your child’s writing at the beginning of the year + their most recent narrative writing. Students will identify ways they have grown as a writer. You can be involved in this part by asking questions/prompting like:

-What can you do now that you couldn’t do as a writer before?

-Tell me about all the pieces of your writing

-What do writers do to make their writing easier for others to read?

-What do you think is your next step as a writer?


2. How to grow as a friend/learner

On this page students have brainstormed ways they are already a good friend and ways they can become even better. As a class students identified good friends as people who: are helpful, share, play with more than one friend, and communicate using eye contact and body language. You can be involved in this part by asking/prompting like:

-What makes you a good friend?

-What is something you like about your friends?

-What is something you don’t do, but you think you should do as a friend?


3. How to grow as a leaner

Students are working on brainstorming what makes a good learner. This could be classroom safety things like: listening with your whole body and listening to others, but it also extends to the PYP Learner Profiles to include things such as: taking risks, communicating, thinking, inquiring, caring, being principled, and being knowledgeable to name a few.

You can be involved in this part by asking/prompting:

-Can you tell me about a time you were  [insert PYP learner profile word here]. For example, ” Can you tell me about a time you were a thinker?”

-What are some of the ways you keep yourself and others safe in class?

-How can you show respect as a learner?

-How do you think you can be a better learner?

4. Mathematical Thinking

Students are prepared to show you their math skills in a variety of ways. They will use manipulatives, their math notebooks, and other math tools to share you one skill. On the report card you may have seen a section based on mathematical practices. You can encourage your child to share their math thinking and get a view into their math practices by asking/prompting:

-Tell me more about how you know that is true

-How can you/have you documented that thinking?

-Can you show me that thinking in a different way?

-How do you know that is true?

5. Parent-Teacher Time

This will be a brief 5 minutes (max) at the end of the conferences given their is time within our scheduled times. Your child will play in the shared area and you can ask a question or two you have about your child’s growth moving forward.

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