100s Chart Puzzle

Yesterday your child brought home a cut up 100s chart in their blue folder. This puzzle is for your to keep at home and play with your child.

As a class we began to identify what patterns we saw in the 100s chart. We defined pattern as: something that repeats itself or something that happens again and again.

Students pointed out that in the second row there is a 1 in front of every number, in the third row a 2 in front of every number etc. They noticed the same type of pattern for each column. They also noticed in some areas the numbers counted up from 1-9 and in other areas the numbers counted down from 9-1.

Use the image below to talk to your child about what patterns they see.

Additionally, use the patterns to help your child put together the 100s chart puzzle. Once the puzzle is put together you can:

-create a game with your child which requires the use of the chart (additional items you might want for this are dice!)

-Point to numbers and have your child say the number in home language + english

-choose a row or column to focus on for the day and say the names, count that many objects, etc.

-Help your child with directionlity words like up, down, left, right, over, above, a little, a lot in both home language and English by playing this game:

  1. Ask your child to close their eyes
  2. You say a number & your child keeps their eyes closed and tries to point to the number without looking
  3. You help your child navigate closer to the number by using words like “move up a lot” or “move down a little bit” etc. until your child’s finger makes it to the number
  4. Then switch and have your child be the navigator!


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