Research Project

As we explore the past KB students are beginning to use their new questioning skills to become researchers. Below is the process we are going through together to do research and write an informational book, part of the Kindergarten Common Core Literacy standards.

Before beginning their research students chose topics related to the past that they are interested in. Examples include: mammoths, sabertooth cats, various dinosaurs, and even people from the past including Princess Diana and Ada Lovelace.

As a class we chose the topic of Dodos- an extinct species of birds. Together we will go through the research process shown in the image above. Today, we did the first two steps: asking questions about the topic and then finding answers in a book. On Monday we will do those first two steps AGAIN for another topic- Mammoths. Doing this together lets students practice those two skills beore they’re released to do it on their own.

I.P. showed great use of vocabulary by asking the question, “Who are their predators?” After reading the book together students learned that at first the Dodos had NO predators, but then as time went on humans became the predators and became the reason why Dodos no longer exist.

Then, as a a class we will use the answer to our questions to craft a shared informational book about Dodos and Mammoths. As part of comprehension and understanding you can ask your child what new information they learned about Dodos.

Lastly, students will attempt to independently go through these steps using books and additional internet resources such as PebbleGO and YoutubeKids.

Before finishing our informational writing we will dive deeper into the parts of informational books including titles,headings, table of contents, and labelled diagrams so that students can better craft their own information books.

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