Information Books/Non Fiction

As per our last post we are being resarchers, asking questions and finidng informaton about topics from the past.

Once we gain knowledge about our topics we will become writers who write true information. In order to become writers of information we are looking into what features do information books have. How do we know it’s information and not a story? What is the difference?

Today your child will take home their library books and 1 of their books should be an informational/non-fiction book.  When reading this week’s library books you can spark conversation with your child by asking about how they know which one is non fiction and which one is not. The 2 non-fiction featuers we have talked about so far are: table of contents & headings.

We have defined table of contents as: everything that is in the whole book and what page to find it. And Headings are the names for each page that tell you what will be on that page.

As much as we are researching topics we are also being researchers as we learn about a new genre of literature and will use our knowledge of informational books when we write our own.

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