Ruby’s Wish

Before the holiday we read the book Ruby’s Wish by Shirin Yim Bridges. We have since read the book about 3 more times. Each time noticing something different about the book. This book takes place in China in the past when girls did not learn to read or write. It is a true story about the author’s grandmother who was the first female to attend a certain university in China.

Some KB friends have been intrigued with Ruby and decided they want to do rearch about Ruby. In our other shared research about Dodos and Mammoths we have used books and the internet resource – Pebble Go.

For this inquiry, we are reaching out to the author herself- Shirin Yim Bridges. Below are the questions students came up with to ask the author. Then those who choose will write their informational book about Ruby herself. We reached out to the author using the internet and the social media site- Twitter. We’re hopeful she will respond to our questions!  (Some questions have a name indicating that that person wanted to know that information specifically. If it says all it means that multiple friends asked that question and we’re all wondering it!)

Our number one question is- IS RUBY ALIVE! In the book we see a real photo of Ruby and we know it’s set in the past, but we’re wondering if she is still alive today!


Our “tweet” or message to the author asking her to answer our questions.

Book Week is coming up the week of March 18th. For book week one of the activities is creating a classroom door decor based on your class’ favorite book. We’ve chosen to decorate based on Ruby’s Wish. You will see our door is covered in Red, Ruby’s favorite color. A small group of students collaborated today to begin making Ruby’s face and hair. There were many problem solving skills and communiation skills involved in this mornings’ group work to make her head, her skin color, and her buns! Hopefully tomorrow more friends will join us in creating the Ruby for our door.

Creating the “buns” served to be one of the hardest things about this morning’s creation

M. cutting out Rubys head

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