Forces and Motion

KB has a new area set up in our classes that allows students to inquire about and research Motion. This NGSS standard requires students to recognize pushes and pulls. Additionally, KB students are encouraged to use vocabulary related to motion such as: speed, slow, fast, push, pull, roll, spin, reach, jump, etc.

KB has been hard at work playing with ramps and balls and constructing simple mazes to make the ball change it’s motion.

We identified K. as being an INQUIRER and RESEARCHER. After his ball “blasted off” in the middle of his structure he said aloud, “Now I need to find the problem and fix it. I think I know. I think I just need to move this over a little bit”. After adjusting the structure and giving it another trial, his ball made it all the way to the end and pushed over the block.

After building a complicated structure, this group created a step by step guide in how to use their structure.

This group was given the challenge of getting the ball to change directions at the end of the structure. Many ideas were tested (tape, holding the tube, cutting the tube, putting another block in front etc.). None of these ideas worked, but the group continued to test and explore what could possibly get the ball to change directions on it’s own.


This motion play area will stay set up for quite some time. There will also be provocations coming up to encourage students to see motion in art work using paint.


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