Video Documentation!

KC has been learning about different ways to document their own learning.

We’ve learned that they can draw a picture, take a picture using an Ipad, and even take videos.

Here are a couple videos of student documented work. Watch it with your sound on! The last is a video of a student who documented their work in two ways: drawing a picture and then taking a video of the original and the documentation.

New Homework Routine

KC Homework Trimester 2


Mondays- homework gets sent home in red folder

Fridays- homework gets returned to school

What is the homework?

The new homework will be a combination of weekly word study and math, our resource , “dinner books”, and  monthly family projects.

Word Study & Math:

These worksheets or activities will correlate directly with what the students have learned in class. These activities will get turned in every Friday.  There may be times where other subject areas are incorporated into this weekly assignment as well.

RAZ Kids:

A great online resource to use any day you want for however long you want. Information is in a separate Kids A-Z information page. Logon information is taped to the front of the red folder

Dinner Books:

Dinner books are books your child brings home in a clear bag every day and returns to school every day.  We call them dinner books because they help students build their reading skills to make their reading strong- just like dinner helps our bodies get strong!  These can be used to practice the reading powers learned in our Super Readers Unit.

STEM Family Project:

These projects are designed to give opportunities for you to build and use critical thinking skills, math, engineering, and creativity as a family.  These projects will be presented once a month. They are usually open ended and leave room for a lot of creativity and innovation.  The first couple times it may take some guidance, but it will be fun to see your child’s creative and inventive thinking come to life!

What if I think my child needs more or less homework?

This homework is designed to work around your schedule as a family.  There are no day/time requirements besides the turn in days.  They can be done in any order and can be extended quite easily. I will be providing an example of the minimum requirements and ways to extend these activities.


An extension of the rhyming homework. Make your own rhyming book


Homework Examples starting with the minimum requirement- a picture and ending with a full completion of two rhyming pictures, the word, and a sentence.


Extension of the math homework. Creating a 3D shape from the worksheet of shapes given.

3D Shapes!

This week KC learned about 3D Shapes!

We learned their names, how to describe them using the 2D shape faces we see, and even attempted to construct our own 3D shapes.

During our 3D shape construction some Unicorns remembered the idea of documenting their work and used Ipads to photograph their 3D shape constructions.

img_20161111_105434137 img_20161111_105826545 img_20161111_105319522


Evergreen Park!

This week KC went on a field trip to Evergreen Park!

Not only were there various trees and plants to explore, but students also got a chance to test their obstacle course skills!

Take a look at all the fun we had!




The Leaf Man

As part of our introduction to Trees and Plants the KC Unicorns read Leaf Man, the story about a leaf who gets blown around by the wind with no home of his own. In the days prior to reading this book the unicorns went on a nature walk to collect leaves, branches, twigs, and flowers.


After reading  Leaf Man some students decided they needed to build a home for Leaf Man! Others decided they wanted to make their own leaf men! The pictures below show students hard at work constructing and creating through their connection with the story.  During this exploration time not only did they explore nature, but they also worked collaboratively, practiced complex thinking, and learned about being a global citizen.

img_0724 img_0725 img_0729 img_0732 img_0743 img_0755 img_0757 img_0758 img_0761

Shape Exploration & Documention

“Use Anything!”

This week the KC Unicorns were instructed to use ANYTHING in the classroom to build 2D shapes! In addition to their exploration, the Unicorns were guided in collaboration, technology, and metacognition while documenting their own learning using Ipads.

The first set of photos below is my documentation of their shape building and documentation practice. The second set is the photos taken by students themselves.  You’ll notice different angles and perspectives in the student’s photos as this was part of our photo taking exploration.



img_0844 img_0877


Variation in Creation and Documentation 

 For  example: one material vs. multiple, on the floor vs. on the table, one  single shape vs. multiple shapes vs. multiple shapes to create an  image, self created shape vs. a shape found in the environment,  blurry vs. in focus, straight forward vs. added artistic elements,  photo of their shape vs. photo of a friend with their shape.


img_0031  img_0015img_0010

img_0058img_0063img_0049img_0915img_0913 img_0062img_0001img_0004img_0023img_0013img_0030

KC Work Spaces

Class KC has started a journey towards creating a work space with flexible seating as opposed to a traditional classroom setting. Find out why we’re on our way and see pictures of our first steps to get there! 

Why start this journey?

-If you’ve ever asked a 5 year old to sit still for longer than five minutes then you know the wiggles kick in pretty early! When students are comfortable in a space and have chosen the space on their own they have longer attention spans and take ownership over the space they’re in.

-Everyone’s different. Providing a variety of options helps kids learn not only the content of the class, but also to learn about themselves as learners, workers, and creators! Some spaces work well for some, but not for others and we share that experience as a classroom family.

-Space! By adding a different variety of furniture into our classroom it has allowed us to use our space in a more productive and efficient way.

Find out some of the fun things we’ve added in KC and be on the lookout for more fun and exciting additions! 

1. The sitting circle table- This was our first addition and a student favorite. Sometimes 6 students fit at this table and they love it! They don’t mind sharing and being in a close knit space because they’re comfortable and there by choice!


2. The red “Teacher Chair!” Originally this chair was the teacher chair and only available as a choice for students if they received a positive behavior reward, but with such comfort and funky style, why not open it to the brave and bold writers, readers, and mathematicians? I’ve seen this chair used in a myriad of different ways and I wouldn’t be surprised if they come up with more!


3. The Standing Tables- Inspired by my students who have the need to walk around, jump, and stretch while they work, the standing tables are a great work space that surprisingly promotes collaboration and individualism at the same time.


4. The Stump! My personal favorite and a favorite for those just passing through the space while needing a quick place to sit or a quick surface to write on. The stump provides comfort for those having trouble sitting on the carpet during mini lessons and in Reggio Emilia fashion, brings a little bit of the outdoors, in.


5. The traditional and the Old favorite- Of course we cant forget about the students who find comfort in a traditional table and chair. Or those who are at ease on the floor. Even with all of our new additions we still have 12 spaces for traditional seating at a table. Those who work on the floor have access to clipboards and other materials that allow them to do good work from the floor.

img_0629 img_0628

Because creating flexible spaces is a journey class KC has had a whole class discussion about possible changes in the future and students have given and will continue to give suggestions for improving their learning space.


Learning Comes Alive

This week KC parents got to join their children in a fun Reader’s Workshop Mini-lesson on strengthening their reading super powers!

Mrs. Erlendson called Spider Man on her Spidey-phone and he told her all about how sometimes we need extra practice to make our super powers stronger and stronger. The super power practiced was POINTER POWER. When using pointer power each word get one tap- even the long words!

Students practice this power together with Mrs. Erlendson using the book, The Hungry Giant by Joy Cowley and then again using the Mr. Golden Sun song lyrics.  Then the students got to practice and show their parents their pointer power! Some parents even showed their kids that they too have reading powers!

After the practice students gathered again at the carpet to share what they worked on during practice time.

Then, concluding a short break the students gathered in their writing circle to begin Writer’s Workshop! Writers reviewed what it means if something is a “true story“, learned how to tell their stories across the page, and practiced with a partner. Then, they wrote! Some students wrote true stories while others wrote about things they found more interesting or went back to old pieces of writing and that’s okay! We will continue practicing true stories until we all feel comfortable writing them!

Thank you to all the parents that were able to participate.  Enjoy the photos below of the LCA event in KC.

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