Play- It’s Part of Our Routine!

In KB students have inside play time every morning and 3 times for outside play.

In KB we view play as a necessary part of learning and a way to grow socially and emotionally.

During play time students have access to toys, books, writing materials, and math manipulatives. The toys and materials available change throughout the year and have connections to units of inquiry. In the beginning of the year play serves as a way to students to get to know eachother, students to get to know the classroom, and for teachers and students to spend authentic time together.

Later in the year students will transition into productive play which uses the skills students develop in different areas.

Train play includes multiple materials & lots of friends coming in and out of play

Access to materials that promote numeracy available during play to be used open endedly

Cutting & gluing during play – building fine motor skills

Access to materials that promote numeracy during play to be used open endedly

Children go to 3 different playgrounds throughout the day

Risky play helps students build confidence and gross motor skills

The First Day of KG

Today was an exciting day- Day One!

Check out what we did today.

Exploring the Classroom Library

With comfy couches and lots of books it was easy for KB friends to starting reading! With friends they looked at pictures and some friends found words they knew!

We Are Writers!

We learned that writers make books and that we are writers too! After getting some information on what a writer might need to get to work the KB family found all the supploes they need in the classroom to start drawing!

We Are a Team!

The KB Family played 2 team building games today. The first was passing around a ball using our FEET isntead of hands! The second involved more critical thinking as each student tried to make their way through the path known only in Mrs. Erlendson’s brain!


So Much More!

We didn’t get photos of everything, but some we did get to PLAY, practice lunch procedures,  and visit Creative Arts with Mrs. Lill.