We Are…

Readers! PUBLISHED Writers! Mathematicians! Reading Buddies! 

This week KC Unicorns were all of the above mentioned!

jpeg-image-6b0b51537bc9-1 jpeg-image-1da81ca6178e-1 jpeg-image-1f6f5fc88030-1In literacy we looked for words we know and even published and presented our very own books!

KC Mathematicians were hard at work studying the numbers 0-5. We practiced different ways to show the numbers, different ways to create them, and even different ways to show them with body movement!

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! KC had their first ever Reading Buddy day with Ms. Cheung’s class, 2C! Such a fun way to get mentorship in reading skills and to make a new friend!

All About Us!

My Body QR Code

To kick off our “All About Me” unit, the KC Unicorns learned the “My Body” song. Scan the QR code above to listen and sing along with the body song!

KC Unicorns also made life size cut outs of their body!  With a partner, the Unicorns traced their bodies, colored themselves in their favorite clothes, and then cut out their WHOLE body! Here are some pictures of their body adventure!
IMG_0247 2

August Unicorn of the Month

CONGRATULATIONS to our first Unicorn of the Month for the month of AUGUST

In order to become Unicorn of the month KC students most collect “purple strips”.  To get purple strips students must make good choices such as: following class rules, showing kindness towards others, and showing our ESLR of the month in Kindergarten- Independent Learning.  Every time students collect 5 purple strips they get a prize! At the end of the month we tally all the purple strips to see who had the most. That person gets a Unicorn certificate and their picture goes in the Unicorn corner in the classroom!  We’re excited to see who are Unicorn of the Month will be for this month- September! Unicorn pic for Blog

Humpty Dumpty Comes to Life !

Last week we had a full week of Humpty Dumpty. We used this classic nursery rhyme to learn about: using pictures to help figure out words we don’t know, finding the /t/ sound in texts we know, labeling our pictures to give more information, and critical thinking as to why Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall.  And let’s not forget, we brought Humpty Dumpty to life!

Below are images of our paper Humpties, creating real egg Humpties, and videos of our Humpty Dumpties getting thrown off the wall!


JPEG image-FFB4CC9CD42D-1 JPEG image-520F76F42F43-1

A New Look for Class KC

Class KC is lucky to have beautiful curved walls and a new lay out! Yesterday after school Mrs. Erlendson and Ms. Xiaoman rearranged the furniture in a way that would help students move around easily and make good choices inside the classroom. The new layout means that all tables are at the front, there’s more open space, and even a new special place for math lessons and activities!

Today students took advantage of the new space to do a whole class Shape sort!  “Mommy/Daddy” shapes were set up around the classroom and KC students had to help the baby shapes find their home (the matching shape)! Below is a video of the shape sort and a collage of our new class layout! 

Classroom Layout

Our First Full Week!

The first full week in KC was filled with a lot of routines and practice with procedures, but it was also filled with lots of exploration of materials, building relationships with classmates, and hard work! To make sure KC is in line and straight the teacher says, “Arms by your side!” and the students respond with, “Feet in the middle!”line


The most exciting part of the week was Writer’s Workshop! The KC writers practiced using their writing folders, how to do WOW drawings, and even started sounding words out and writing the sounds they hear! KC was so brave –  we even had everybody volunteer to share their writing with the class.

Writer's Workshop

Writer’s Workshop