Middle School & ECC Buddy Up For Life Skills

Last week Meaghan Wilson’s 7th and 8th grade Life Skills classes visited PreK-1 and PreK-2 classrooms. This is the start of a year long collaboration, where middle school students plan and implement lessons related to healthy living to ECC classes. Lessons may cover healthy habits, healthy food choices, and exercise.
For their first lesson, middle school students taught ECC students how to wash their hands. The older students paired with PreK2A showed the younger students a short video about the importance of washing their hands, summarized the video, and helped the students with a short experiment. Two volunteers tried washing their hands in different ways. Both students had a small amount of vegetable oil on their hands. One washed with only water and the other washed with soap and water. The students then described the feeling of their hands, and all students practiced washing their hands with soap and water.
This collaboration is mutually beneficial, giving older children a chance to plan and lead lessons in a low risk environment while gaining confidence in their abilities. They work together and have an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real world situation. Our ECC students love interacting with the older students, and enjoy the variety of lessons that they plan. They especially love cooking!
In the ECC, this collaboration is especially relevant during the first part of the year, when we are focusing on the Te Whariki strands of Wellbeing and Belonging. ECC classes are focusing on how to take care of themselves, their belongings, and others during the Wellbeing strand. During the Belonging strand, we turn the focus to our communities, including our SIS community.
The Life Skills classes will be visiting the ECC about twice a month. Each ECC class has been paired with several older students, allowing them to build relationships as they prepare to work together on Field Day, which is held in the spring. Middle schoolers will be guiding their buddy classes and leading various activities. We’re looking forward to a great year learning with our Life Skills buddies!

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