Curious About Babies

With both of the Hippo teachers expecting babies later this year, it’s no wonder the Hippos started getting curious! The children have been asking questions and making observations over the last few weeks, and have been including babies in a lot of their dramatic play scenarios.

We began our investigation by asking the children what they already know about babies.

What Do We Know About Babies?

“Babies need milk.”

“Baby in mommy’s tummy and she is looking.”

We then asked if they had any questions. We have a running record of questions in our investigation area.

Questions About Babies

The children have been particularly curious about how long it will be until the babies come. We decided to make predictions and look at the calendar to see how long it might be. Predictions varied from “two days,” to “three years,” to “rainy day.”

Making predictions.

Collaborating on a calendar.

This week we’ll be taking the investigation further by learning about the different things that babies need. We can’t wait to see where this investigation will take us!

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