Language Arts

In Language Arts we will focus on the expression of ideas in writing and communication, as well as, the exploration of ideas through close reading of complex texts.  Our first unit explores the theme of individual freedom and social control, through the novel “The Giver”, biographical studies of Enlightenment thinkers, non-fiction synopsis of approaches to laws and justice in global communities, as well as a variety of other texts.  Students will develop an analytical literary essay, as well as, research-based argumentation for debates of modern issues.  They will continue to read independent novels, throughout the year, and delve deeper into historical texts in the Political and Industrial Revolutions units.  They will continue to expand on their communication skills through presentations and Socratic seminars.  They will also explore creative personal writing through podcasting, poetry, and memoir.


8th Grade Program of Studies

~Units of Study~

The Enlightenment:  Biographies and Ideas

Revolutions:  Comparative Analysis and Memoir

Research:  The Industrial Revolution

Expression:  “This I believe…” and Podcasting

How Students are Assessed:

Students will be assessed through their written essays, performances, analytical . Here at SIS we use Standards-based grading system.


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