Social Studies

In Social Studies, students will study the relationship between social structure and individual endeavor.  The first unit will focus on the necessary balance between the safety of the group and individual freedoms, and how various governments and societies have handled these decisions, as well as how The Enlightenment lead to new ideas about control and liberty.  This is followed by a historical look at Revolutions: what sparked them, who was involved, and why they were successful or failed. The cycle of problems and solutions continues into our unit on the Industrial Revolution and the impact of technological advancement, contributing to the hyper-speed progress of the city outside of our window. Students will end the year by exploring a modern issue related to their own interests, through self-directed inquiry.


8th Grade Program of Studies

~Units of Study~

The Enlightenment:  The origin of ideas

Revolutions:  Clashes of Ideas

Industrial Revolutions:  How it shaped the world we live in now.

Humanitarian Issues:  Modern Slavery and Social Justice

How Students are Assessed:

Students will be assessed in a number of ways. Here at SIS we use Standards-based grading system.


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