Thinkers: New Puzzles!

“I want to do the duck!”

“I want to do the bear!”

“I want the frog!”

“I want the ladybug!”

The children announced after seeing the new puzzles for them. Some of them challenged themselves and tried to complete the puzzles independently. Whilst others needed some assistance.










Healthy Habits

The nursery friends are just beginning to form healthy habits. Exploring teeth and other personal hygiene topics help them begin to understand the importance of caring of themselves. This week, we did “Toothbrush Practice” & “Washing Hands Properly”

Toothbrush Practice:
We discussed dental hygiene while the friends got in a little toothbrush practice. They had fun with toothpaste and brushed the teeth models with water.

Washing Hands Properly:
We learned the steps of washing hands, get wet, soap, make bubbles, rinse them off and dry hands.

These are the good practices that also help children to have sensory touches and fine motor skills practice.


How We Express Ourselves: Halloween 2019

Halloween this year for our littlest learners was extra special, for they enjoyed Halloween fun with their parents. They courageously went up on the stage to show who they portray for the day. Then they went around the Halloween stations to challenge and try new things. They also had a choice to listen to stories to their home language or in English.


Again, PSA rocked the SIS Halloween celebration! Thank you!

Learning Comes Alive

What is Learning Comes Alive?

Learning comes alive is one of the ways for the school to develop a partnership with parents. A partnership that will drive their child to be successful in meeting their goals and to understand that he/she has agency and the stakeholder of his/her learning. During learning comes alive, parents get a glimpse of their child’s exploration, learning, and growth.

PreK’s first learning comes alive was on October 19. Parents were engaged and had fun as well.

Who We Are: Birthday Celebration


Nursery A and B had their first birthday celebrations!

Early years value diversity through language, culture, events, and celebrations. Birthday is one of the celebrations that is highly encouraged to share in school, for birthday celebrations enhance children’s sense of belonging and in developing a caring community. When is your child’s birthday?

Dot Art inspired by The Dot by Peter Reynolds

There is “The Dot Day” in September. we’ve been reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, a story about a young girl called Vashti who is given the confidence to explore her creativity after drawing a single dot. We’re inspired by the dot idea we explored dot dot painting, hand painting and balloon painting.
Dot marker painting is a really fantastic preschool activity that allows children to explore their creativity.

Outdoor Playtime

Outdoor playtime is not just a time for children to explore and challenge what their body can do and develop self-management skills like play cooperatively in a group: sharing, taking turns. It also provokes children to be curious about their surroundings, ask questions and use their senses to learn.

In addition, outdoor playtime gives the students the opportunity to extend their imagination and make “Magic” with the objects they find in their surroundings, such as sticks and stones. Lastly, outdoor playtime gives children choices on what to explore and how to challenge their body, time for their voices to be heard, and ownership for their learning.

Who We Are: Getting to know each other

As we continue to learn about the children, we found out that they have the same interest and are beginning to understand that they have a choice, voice, and ownership of their learning. They started to choose learning materials they want to explore and even try to problem-solve when encountering difficulties. The children are given ample uninterrupted play to have the opportunity to see the possibilities and “magic” of their exploration.

These past few days, we have been provocating to know more about the children and for them to learn about each other as well. These provocations came from their interests like from songs, books, and toys they play.

Nursery A had shared their favorite animal from the song Hickory Dickory Dock. They made a clock, painted animals and stuck them around the clock.



While Nursery B is into the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear story. They like sticking the animals on the board, fish the animals, talk about what they know about the animals, sound out the animals, and enjoy listening to the story. They even picked their favorite animal from the story.


These provocations are preparing the children in choosing their class name.

Every Child is an Artist – Picasso

One of our goals is for the children to see themselves as an artist, to develop the appreciation of art no matter how messy it is.

Art promotes creativity, confidence, problem-solving skills, patience and determination, and teamwork. Art is also a way for children to express their thinking, interest, and stories.

For the first two weeks of school, the Nursery children were engaged/encouraged to explore different art materials and messy/sensory, play-based and hands-on exploration.

Nursery A

Nursery B

….so when a child goes home messy from exploring,