Who We Are: Getting to know each other

As we continue to learn about the children, we found out that they have the same interest and are beginning to understand that they have a choice, voice, and ownership of their learning. They started to choose learning materials they want to explore and even try to problem-solve when encountering difficulties. The children are given ample uninterrupted play to have the opportunity to see the possibilities and “magic” of their exploration.

These past few days, we have been provocating to know more about the children and for them to learn about each other as well. These provocations came from their interests like from songs, books, and toys they play.

Nursery A had shared their favorite animal from the song Hickory Dickory Dock. They made a clock, painted animals and stuck them around the clock.



While Nursery B is into the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear story. They like sticking the animals on the board, fish the animals, talk about what they know about the animals, sound out the animals, and enjoy listening to the story. They even picked their favorite animal from the story.


These provocations are preparing the children in choosing their class name.

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