Who We Are: Celebrating Diversity

To celebrate who we are and to promote Global Citizenship, Nursery celebrated International weeks by experiencing diversity through parents, as well as learning engagements that develop an awareness of their identity.


An Early Primary International Day Parade was also held in the SIS Sports Field, where children came in their national costumes and colors, parading with heads held high as we waved hello to the other members of the greater school community.

Diversity was also celebrated through International Food Potluck.

How We Express Ourselves: Halloween 2019

Halloween this year for our littlest learners was extra special, for they enjoyed Halloween fun with their parents. They courageously went up on the stage to show who they portray for the day. Then they went around the Halloween stations to challenge and try new things. They also had a choice to listen to stories to their home language or in English.


Again, PSA rocked the SIS Halloween celebration! Thank you!

Who We Are: Birthday Celebration


Nursery A and B had their first birthday celebrations!

Early years value diversity through language, culture, events, and celebrations. Birthday is one of the celebrations that is highly encouraged to share in school, for birthday celebrations enhance children’s sense of belonging and in developing a caring community. When is your child’s birthday?