G10 prepares for the PSAT

Grade 10 students will take the PSAT on Wednesday, October 11 during the school day.  Today we completed pre-administration of personal information.

How to be ready for Test Day?

  • Arrive on time, well rested and with a good breakfast.
  • Bring No.2 pencils, a calculator, a sweater and water/snack for the 10 minute break

Testing begins at 8:15 in the Mini-gym

Regular lessons will resume with Period 3 Block G at 11:45

Use the Student Guide to be familiar with the testing instructions.  Feel free to try a few practice questions from each section to understand the style of the test.  For more preparation go to https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/sat/full-length-sat-1/paper-sat-tests/a/full-length-psat-nmsqt

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