Connecting our classroom learning to the world

“International Trade, WTO and China”

On the last day of January, all IB students have the opportunity to hear a lecture/presentation titled “International Trade, WTO and China”, presented by Chinese University Hong Kong Shenzhen Associate Vice-President Prof. Seade Kuri Jesus.

In February we host Sam Yang, now of KE Foundation, who will speak to IB Business Management students about a career in Investment Banking.

How does SIS connect your learning to the world around you? Guest speakers are special opportunities that provide a direct connection between our classrooms and the outside world.    It makes your learning relevant, your questions deeper, and when reading the news you understand more.  That will take you further.  That makes your learning come alive.

Launching 101 Careers

SIS is pleased to offer our students a new platform for exploring careers, as they plan personal goals and determine which IB subject choices will support them best in their academic pathway.

101 Careers has three assessments that students work through that ask questions about their interests, learning style and skills.  This combination of answers then highlights possible careers; students are then able to explore in more depth, with a dynamic and interactive interface.

This platform will be used with students in Grades 9, 10, and 11, to support academic counseling and help students on their unique path to success.

A brief introduction to the platform can be found here: