Use a matrix to determine which university offer to accept

Where will you enrol at university?  Why?

Deciding between university offers can be stressful and confusing if you don’t have clear priorities.


My suggestion is to create a matrix that will highlight important facts and information. The headings you choose will be the things that are important to you along with key points such as cost, graduation rate and class size.


Set up your matrix:


Along the top list all the offers you are considering; along the left side list all the information you consider important in a university choice.  Remember that a lot of things that may be important are the cultural fit, opportunity for close mentorship with professors, study abroad opportunities and the attention you will receive which can be judged by the communication between you and the school so far.


For cost, graduation rate and average income after graduation, this site help those considering US schools. Unistats is helpful for this with UK information. For most other places, the information is found on university websites, and cost is in your offer letters. Remember if cost is a high priority, factor in travel costs as well.


Uni A Uni B Uni C Uni D (as many columns as you need)
Cost (tuition, board, flights, etc minus scholarship)
Graduation rate
Class size in my area of study
Opportunity for research or internships Best (suggested rating) OK Better Weak
Campus fit


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