Important Dates to Remember:

  • 14 February – Registration with Dragonfly is due. Please make sure this is complete before the New Year.
  • 15 – 25 February – Chinese New Year Holiday – Welcome to the Year of the Dog!
  • 26 February – School resumes at SIS
  • Friday, 2 March – Last day for Trimester 2 ASAs
  • Thursday – Friday, 8 – 9 March – Hong Kong 5th Grade Overnight Field Trip
  • Friday, 9 March – Last day of Trimester 2

    Last week:

    In math, we continued building our knowledge and skills in multiplying fractions with fractions. We also started to multiply mixed numbers by fractions. See if your child can solve this question and then prove it with a drawing: Two thirds of Mr. D’s shirts are short sleeves. Three fourths of these shirts have stripes on them. What fraction of Mr. D’s shirts are short sleeved with stripes?

    In reading, we debated! The kids did a great job. Despite many of them being nervous, they stood up front and presented their evidence for their assigned side of the debate. Our judges, Mr. Kanabar & Mr. Johnson, were impressed. Ask your child what their side was and what reasons and evidence they gave to defend their reason.

    In writing, we added quotes and counterclaims to our persuasive text to make them even more convincing. Your child has this on his/her iPad. Go ahead and ask to see it. We will be persuading Mr. Kanabar whether he should support or ban the idea of serving chocolate milk at the school dining hall in the future.

    In science, we reviewed food webs and how plants get their nutrients. We also saw a magic show! Thanks, PSA for organizing it!