I hope students have been telling you all about their on-going exhibition projects they are working on. Exhibition focuses on learner agency, taking action, completing research, and presenting findings to the community. I hope you are able to join us for our exhibition presentations… these times / days are on the invitation from the April 20th blog post.

That same week (next week), class 5A will be managing the school-wide assembly on Friday, May 4th. Students will be showcasing their presentations for exhibition. We hope you are able to make it to the assembly starting at 8:10am. It is advised to come at 8:00am to find a good seat. We hope to see you there.

This Wednesday, April 25th, grade 5 students will go to another IB PYP school currently engaging in exhibition to see how they present and to get valuable feedback for our upcoming exhibition. Please remember that this weekend is a long weekend for the labor day holiday. There will be no school on Monday (April 30th) and Tuesday (May 1st). See all students when we return Wednesday, May 2nd.