Dear Parents,

On Thursday, May 10, we would like to invite you to attend your child’s student led conference.

What is a Student Led Conference?
This is an opportunity for your child to share with you their learning. Most importantly it is a chance for you to celebrate with them their growth and development.

What should I expect?
They will carefully take you through their goals and the work they have prepared. They will talk about their strengths and areas of growth both in their homeroom and specialist classes. There may be 3 conferences held at the same time.

What is the Teacher’s Role?
The teacher will be present in the classroom observing the students’ celebrations as they share. The teacher will not be directly involved in the conference.

How to support your child during the conference?
Give specific and positive feedback.
Ask specific questions.
Express confidence in their ability to lead this conference.

Here is the link for 5A’s signup.

If you wish to meet with your child’s specialists teacher, you may stop by before or after your homeroom conference.

Also, we will be having a celebration for our wonderful students and their exhibition mentors this Monday. Please consider donating food items if you are able. Thank you so much.