Welcome back! I hope you all had a marvelous break.

This week, we are completing our unit of inquiry with the central idea, “Systems may evolve from changing human experiences.” We will be beginning our next unit shortly focused on “How the World Works.”

In math we are starting to learn about multiplying decimal numbers. Please read over the newsletter below for tips on what you can do to help at home.

In reading we are working on discovering how one part of a narrative can contribute to the overall plot. Also, we will be delving deeper into finding the THEME of a book. The theme should be a statement that shows what lesson or message the author wants us to learn. Some examples of themes are: “Don’t judge people on their outward appearances,” “Stay loyal to your friends,” & “Hard times can make you strong.” Students will be asked to state the theme, and then give EVIDENCE from the book from MULTIPLE places. As your child reads at home, please ask them what they think the theme is and HOW THEY KNOW. Make them quote from the book.

In writing we are finishing up our narratives. We will work on adding advanced transitions, dialogue with proper punctuation, & clear endings.

This week we will also be starting our unit in science. We will be inquiring into what it means to be investigators. We’ll be investigating matter to begin with.