There is a lot going on in Grade 5!! As you are well aware, the PYP exhibition process is in full effect with Grade 5 sharing all their hard work next week to the world! Here is your invitation:

Each of the 24 groups are taking some kind of action in response to an issue they researched. Some of these actions need your help. It’s a lot to remember, so here is everything in one place. Please help if you can!

Letter club on May 31

We are Liz, Tracy and Kay. In this Letter Club you will be writing letters to the left behind children in 4:30 school. The left behind children are the migrant worker’s children. The 4:30 school is an after school program that helps the students do their homework between 4:30pm to 6pm.We found out what they really needed was a friend. We thought it would be nice to send letters to them! We are doing this project for our exhibition. The club will start Friday May 31st, between 9:50 to 10:10. We will have 4 fourth graders to lead the club to continue. Also, the gender doesn’t matters! The club will also continue even though the grade 5 exhibition ends! If you are interested in the Letter Club, please email us by Thursday May 30. Thank you!
Best regards,
Kay, Liz and Tracy

Superhero fun run & bake sale on May 31

Donations for cancer research due on June 3


Backpack drive complete on June 4


Health fair to educate & advocate on June 4 and 5


Collecting plastic for an art installation piece from now until June 4