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October 20

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please remember that tomorrow is the ladies’ soccer tournament. An email was sent from the office earlier concerning transportation and other important information if you are interested. Also, family movie night will be tomorrow. Hope to see you at the SIS Soccer Field at 6:30pm!

Halloween festivities will take place this upcoming Friday. Please pay attention to the following schedule and guidelines for costumes. Can’t wait to see what all students are dressed up as.

Lastly, Disco Day will be taking place on Tuesday, October 31st. Students are encouraged to dress up and practice their best dance moves. Dancing / overall fun times will be taking place at lunch recess time at the sports field that day.

October 19

Hello parents,

The letter at the bottom of this post will be emailed to you as well but I wanted to make sure you understood it. Aleks math is a website / digital program for students to refine math skills. The great thing is this site will provide middle school course work for those students needing enrichment beyond fifth grade standards. It will also provide remedial skills for students needing an increased study in foundational mathematics. In addition, several parents asked at our goal setting conferences for an increased amount of homework. Students can spend as long as you wish on this website at home. It is much better than any worksheet I can provide as it will be targeting specific skills at the level your child needs to grow in mathematics. I hope you enjoy and if there are any questions / concerns, please let me know. Thank you!


October 17

Reminder: Wednesday, October 18th from 2:10-2:50 p.m., parents are invited to the 5th grade classes to take part in the science lesson for Learning Comes Alive. At the end of the lesson, we are asking for feedback. We’ll have these questions posted and we’ll give you sticky notes for you to write one or two responses. Responses can be in whatever language you are most comfortable with.

-What I learned (from the lesson)
-What I enjoyed
-A question I have

Also this week, we will be having the PSA sponsored movie night on Friday. Please see the flyer below. Hope to see everyone out there for one of my favorite “newer” movies: TROLLS!

Last week was a crazy full week! We had a great time at the Shenzhen Museum. Big thank you to all parent chaperones and those that volunteered to do so. Hope to see you on our next field trip as well (more information will come on that).

We also had a fantastic kick-off to our unit on investigators. All of 5th grade went up to Level 5 to take part in 4 rotations where they learned and practiced different skills that investigators use. One focused on using observation skills to observe and question. Another focused on learning the difference between qualitative vs. quantitative observations. A third one looked at different ways to measure and the importance of making predictions. The fourth one kind of combined all of those skills into one.

In reading and writing, we’re now in our nonfiction unit. We’ll be investigators in writing as we learn how writers use research to find answers to questions. We’ll also be investigators in reading as we read with the purpose of figuring out what the author was trying to say and what techniques they used to convey that information. This past week, we started building up our research skills by paraphrasing and determining main idea.

In math, we are investigating how the different models for multiplication relate to the algorithm. Last week we focused on comparing expressions without evaluating them. The kids should be able to tell you that (33 x 28) x 7 is 7 times greater than 33 x 28 without having to solve the expressions. We then started using Number Pieces to build base-10 models for multiplication. The homework tonight is to explain how to use that app and how the model relates to the partial products algorithm.

October 10

Tomorrow will be fifth grade’s first field trip for the year. I’m looking forward to an amazing time at the Shenzhen museum. We will be leaving SIS at 10:00 and returning at around 14:00 so normal transportation to and from school still applies. Please make sure students are wearing their red SIS tshirt and that they bring lunch (very important), their iPad fully charged, and a water bottle for the day. I have also encouraged students to wear comfortable shoes and to bring their backpack (with unnecessary items cleared out). Thank you for making sure your student is fully prepared.

September 30

Dear parents and students,

I hope you have a wonderful National Day / Mid-Autumn Festival / Golden Week Holiday this upcoming week. Whether you are staying local or traveling to a distant location, please be safe and enjoy the break. Please ensure students are reading and recording their books / time spent / pages read in their reading log at the back of their assignment book.

We had a wonderful, yet super busy, week last week. Students should be proud of all the hard work they devoted to their education during this time period. Students presented their civilization key notes, published their narrative writing, completed their reading post-test, displayed their learning from the Who We Are unit of inquiry through their summative assessment, celebrated three fellow peers being chosen by classmates to be recognized for their awesome communication skills, engaged in the first spirit day of the school year (TWIN DAY), and successfully “broke out” in a growth-mindset fun-filled activity. Whew!!!! All in one week! (Pictures / videos have been posted on my twitter feed)

Thank you parents for always actively supporting your children. I know they spent time and resources at home to complete many of these tasks. Thank you for coming out to parent / student / teacher goal-setting conferences this past Thursday, key note presentations this past Monday and Tuesday, & the publishing party yesterday.

There is one amazing upcoming event happening at Level 5 after the break that I want everyone to be aware of. The flyer with information is posted below. Again, have a wonderful and relaxing time off, keep reading, and I can’t wait to see my students back ready to go on October 9th.

September 25

This Friday, September 29th, will be a very busy day for 5th grade students and teachers. First on the agenda is STUCO’s first Spirit Day! We will be having Twin / Triplet Day. So find a buddy (or two) and plan to wear the same outfit that day if possible!

Next on the schedule for this Friday is 5th grade’s publishing party. Students have put forth much effort in creating their narrative writing stories. We hope to see parents and family in Room 5A 11:40-12:10. Invitation is below.

Lastly, this Friday will be the final day of our Who We Are unit and the last day before National Day Holiday. Have a safe and fun break next week!

September 22

Hello Parents,

Below are the signup links for the student goal conferences that will take place on Thursday, September 28. Remember, Grade 5 students are expected to come with their iPads. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Peter Damroth – 5A Homeroom

Kathryn Hobbs – Art

Kimberly Sheppard – Music

Rob Elliott – Physical Education (PE)

Chinese Team

Marcus Boss – German

Robyn Gibson – EAL Grade 4 and Grade 5

Erin Madonna – Learning Support

September 19


Civilization Presentation Times

Monday, 25 September, 1:30-2:30ish p.m. (not in presentation order)

Sophia, Adelaide, Lisa, Alexander, Jeffrey, Rachel, Kennedy, Oliver, Emanuele, & Jay

Tuesday, 26 September, 1:30-2:30ish p.m. (not in presentation order)

Stanley, Wallace, Andrea, Chirag, Jacob, Manu, Jill, Henny, & Gavin

Parents are welcome to come. Please plan on attending the whole block of time so that the students aren’t distracted by people coming and going. The presentations will be in our classroom.

September 13

Our culminating project on civilizations was just introduced to students today. Here are the guidelines for the keynote again:
Keynote & Design G5 2017-1l1x2x3
I’m so looking forward to these presentations. More information will go out soon about when your child is presenting so that you can come and watch as well.

Our awesome class mom already posted this opportunity to our We Chat group but I wanted to make sure you all had it as a reference here as well:

Thanks for being such wonderful parents!

September 11, 2017

Hello parents,

Here is the notice for swimming lessons that will be happening in upcoming PE lessons. Also, please don’t forget that After School Activities (ASAs) for the first trimester begins today. Please ensure that your child knows what time and how they are getting picked up / going home each day before arriving at school. Thank you so much.

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