Items Students Need at School

Please make sure your child comes to school everyday with the following items:

  • water bottle
  • umbrella
  • healthy snack
  • iPad (fully charged with headphones!)
  • bug spray (optional)


Birthdays and Parties

I welcome birthday treats, but I prefer that they be dropped off at the start of the day to the classroom.  Please, no gifts. I will usually serve the treats at 2:45 p.m. but that may change depending on the day.  Please make sure the treats are in individual servings and come with napkins.  There is not enough time in the day to cut a whole cake.  I also don’t have knives to do so. Thank you for understanding.

If your child has food allergies, it is recommended that you send in a supply of suitable snacks that can stay in the classroom so your chid has a special treat he/she can eat so he/she doesn’t feel left out.

We currently have 19 students.



Your child is the most important person in our partnership.  If you need to give me any information regarding your child, email is the best way of communicating with me.  However, if you feel you need to speak with me, it is important that you make an appointment in advance. I often have meetings and other commitments before and after school.  By making an appointment, I will be able to give you the full attention you deserve.

The way I will be communicating with you is through this class blog, email (for individual communication), and the We Chat group “Class 5B 2018-2019” (strictly for important information affecting all parents). I will be using your email to subscribe to this blog so you get automatic updates whenever I post something. If your email changes, please let me know. You can also subscribe on your own  by scrolling down to the bottom of this blog.







Mr. Peter Damroth


We Chat group can be shared by invitation of the teacher or another parent