Independence in PreK1

A great area of focus in our Early Childhood Program at SIS is fostering an environment where the children can hone on their independence skills.

Since day one, the children are encouraged to take ownership of their belongings, follow routines, and continue developing their self-help skills.  Tasks such as carrying their backpack, packing and unpacking their bags, placing their snack/water bottle/lunch at the correct places, opening their own snack packs, changing shoes, setting down their sleeping mats and arranging their pillow and blanket are just a few of the many opportunities the children take during the day to reach this goal at school.

These tasks are not always done easily at the start.  During the first weeks, every “small” step takes a lot of encouragement, repetition, modeling, guidance and time.  For this reason, every “small” step is seen as a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT, deserved to be celebrated.

Please, join us on this journey as we continue sharing with you your child’s growth at school in this area. We kindly invite you to share with us how your child is becoming more independent at home every day.  Thank you very much!


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