Article by: Ms. Mariana Florea

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ – Albert Einstein.

At SIS, we believe that every child has the ability to be creative. Creativity is fundamental in our PreK1 classes.

Children are driven by their inquiry and creativity to develop deep understandings within their learning.

By providing our students with the tools and resources to encourage creative ideas, we  help them to play with an open mind and develop their imagination which embraces a lifelong love of learning.

Two attributes of the learner profile that connect to creativity are thinker and communicator. While playing, children apply thinking skills critically and creatively to solve problems and make decisions. They are not afraid of failure, they learn from their mistakes and develop a growth mindset.

Who or what should be creative?

Is it teaching students to be creative? Is it about us as teachers to find creative ways to teach? Or is it both?

Let’s fully embrace and enjoy bringing the creativity into the classrooms and at home.


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