Snack Time in PreK1

Article by Mr. Daniel Suh
Building Independent learners is one of the goals of early childhood education at SIS. Snack time is a great time to let children learn to do things all by themselves.
Before snack time we let children go to the toilet and prepare themselves for snack time. To practice important hygiene habits snack time starts off with children washing their hands. The children have had lots of practice standing in line and writing for their turn to wash their hands.  Then children take out their snacks from their classroom cubby and sit at the table to serve their own snack.
Snack time allows children also to practice safety and table manner as they sit straight up at the table, open their own snack box containers, use utensils appropriately, and participate in communication with their peers in soft conversational tone during the snack time setting.
Children bring their daily healthy snack food e.g. fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, milk, yoghurt, cheese, or nuts to school. Serving healthy food to children is an important aspect to providing good nutrition, and supporting healthy eating habits in early years.
After snack time, the children clear their own table then pick up a book to read or look through while the others finish up.

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