Developing Early Years Thinking Skills through Technology

PreK1 classes has been using tech to facilitate our learners’ curiosity, thinking skills and research skills. This article is an exemplar of how one class does it. Classes may do it differently, but the inquiry and learning goals are the same.

First, language of thinking have been explicitly modelled with visual prompts, like “I wonder…,” “I Inferred…” and “I observed.” Open-ended questions are asked, as well.


We have then showed the children remnants of past technology, like an analog land line phone and and an old cinema reel projector, asking questions to unlock and connect poor knowledge.

An RC car and an emergency light was shown next, asking students what they think those are. Some pointed to the installed emergency lights in the classroom. A screw driver was presented next, as we have discussed first safety assessment in handling tools.

The children then, with supervision, explored what is inside the RC car and the emergency lights, asking questions and verbalising their wonderings as they explored.




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