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Over the last few weeks the PreK2 team has co-created and worked on developing different learning engagements. Together we’ve incorporated and intertwined our activities to continue our learning and meet our Curriculum, Learner Profiles, and Unit of Inquiry standards. A … Continue reading

Second Step Training

On January 17, all the PreK2 teachers received Second Step Training from Ms. Susan Shuford, the Early Years Counselor and Ms. Dani Anthony, PYP Physical Education Specialist.

The Second Step program is a social-emotional learning curriculum which helps students grow their social-emotional competence. The goals of this program is to increase school readiness, social success and promote self-regulation.

Students will benefit  by learning how to

  • problem solve
  • make  responsible decisions
  • manage emotions
  • have better communication skills

We are excited about implementing this program in February when school resumes.  If you’d like more information,  you can check out the website secondstep.org


Building Our PreK2 Community

To celebrate winter and the end of the semester, all the PreK2 students gathered in the Multi-purpose Room to participate in fun learning engagements and enjoy building community.

After all the six classes (including PreK2 students from the French program) gathered we began with a numeracy freeze dance.  Students danced to some fun music but when the music stopped that had to stop dancing and create a group according to a called number.  They practiced their counting and listening skills. They also developed team building skills by including an odd person (someone not in a group) into their team.

The SIS student council (STUCO) prepared hot chocolate for everyone. We enjoyed sipping our warm drinks, sitting on the picnic mats with our friends and watching the animated movie “The Snowman.”  It was a perfect example of an imaginary world and fit in with our inquiry into stories for our current How We Express Ourselves unit.


After watching the movie, the PreK2 students were asked to first think about what they saw in the movie. Then they were invited to share their thoughts through a “See, Think, Wonder” routine.  “What did you see in the movie? What did you think about while watching the movie? What did you wonder? What questions do you have?” The students expressed their thoughts through words and drawings in a collaborative mural.

It was wonderful to see all the classes learning, growing and sharing together.

Storytelling with Brian “Fox” Ellis

Last Wednesday (November 20th), American storyteller and author, Brian “Fox” Ellis visited the SIS Jingshan Campus and told wonderful stories to all grade levels.

This was a wonderful experience for our PreK 2 students and it fit very nicely into our “How We Express Ourselves” Unit of Inquiry.

The Central Idea of this new UOI is “People use language to express their ideas, experiences, and culture.”

The Lines of Inquiry focus on using various art forms and language to convey meaning. Storytelling fits perfectly into these lines of inquiry since we use language to share messages and create real and imagined worlds.

“Mr. Fox” as he was known by the students told us several engaging stories that involved song and movement. We heard a tale of a raven stealing another bird’s song as well as the fun, “Going on a Tiger Hunt” which got everyone up and moving.

Students and teachers were able to appreciate that we don’t need devices and modern technology to share meaningful stories and be entertained. So much can be shared using language.


Play- Parent Workshop

On October 24 SIS held a Parent Workshop @Level5 on the importance of play in the early years. The workshop was led by Nadia Erlendson (Kindergarten), Lindsay Vargas (PreK1), Ryan Kolano (PreK2), and  Susan Kim (PreK2).

Play based learning supports the development of the ATLs, increases student engagement, and inquiry.

It was good to see some PreK2 teachers at the parent workshop. We hope more parents will attend the next one.

Here is a link to the presentation:

Parent Workshop – Play based Learning