Learning Comes Alive

“A Family that knows how to play together has the tools to stay together.” – Warren Farrell

On Thursday October 17 PreK2 parents visited our classrooms for our annual Learning Comes Alive session.  Parents were invited to  experience the various learning engagements and daily routines of our PreK2 learners.

The Super Dolphins families brought neckties, scarves, fabric from home to add a personal touch to our collaborative weaving project. Children and parents created a unified work of art to bring different cultures, languages, generations together. We are one.

The Swimming Tadpoles discussed what kinds of things they wanted to show their parents. Ideas included drawing, dancing, recycling, blocks, the kitchen area, clay, play-dough, and reading books. After some deliberation, the Tadpoles cast their votes and decided to have recycling, drawing and clay at the tables with the kitchen and block areas open as well.. Following sign in, the Tadpoles enjoyed showing their parents their favourite centres.

In the  Hungry Hippos’ classroom, learners explored loose parts.. Using intelligent materials, such as wire and paper, learners created various structures from their experiences and imagination, such as a fire truck.  Learners created clay pictures. Clay allows learners to strengthen their fine motor skills as well as extend their creative imagination through art.

Happy Penguin parents and their children experienced morning meeting, which is a daily community building engagement.  Morning meeting includes literacy building, social skills development and a focus for the day. The focus on creating a safe and caring environment supports the current Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are”- Healthy relationships create nurturing communities.  Other engagements selected by the learners included clay building, writing and reading books and our floor book.  The floor book is a documentation of student learning and voice.


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