Over the last few weeks the PreK2 team has co-created and worked on developing different learning engagements. Together we’ve incorporated and intertwined our activities to continue our learning and meet our Curriculum, Learner Profiles, and Unit of Inquiry standards.

A sneak peak at some of our engagements below…

Healthy – How can we keep ourselves healthy and safe?

Cooking Chinese pancakes at home! Good foods to keep our bodies healthy.

Gathering data – How many times does your family members wash their hands?

PreK-2 Children continuing their Literacy and Numeracy learning!


Literacy, numeracy and fine motor skills by writing with creative materials at home.

Daily Letter Challenges! Sometimes you need a helping hand to make a letter!

Literacy learning at home!


Students read books and stories at home. This student chose to listen to an audio book.

It is important to remember that learning takes many forms. Children learn through modeling, experiences and the world around them. PreK2 adapted Non-Tech Wednesday! This is a day for children and families to close their devices and experience non-digital learning.


Aquarium visit to see and learn about sea creatures

Outdoor fun without technology! A gross motor skills game; which sharpen hand-eye coordination

Learning outdoors! Building letters out of natural materials.

Walking around the neighborhood. Collecting stones for name writing!

One Final Note

Thank you parents for all your hard work! With your help and support E-Learning has been a huge success!

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