Eye of the Beholder by Ms. G


  • Liz Cho February 25, 2017 Reply

    Everyone should see the beauty all around, indeed – thanks for sharing the way you see the world. Without beauty, or without seeing it, certainly life would be bleak.

    Thank you.

    “Tasting a morsel of our favorite flavors” – both literally and figuratively, I love this line. 🙂

  • bmorg1 February 25, 2017 Reply

    It makes us human – to see beauty. You, my friend, are beautiful. Thank you for noticing.

  • jbaci1 February 27, 2017 Reply


  • Eve H February 27, 2017 Reply

    “There is beauty in all of us, and I choose to see and behold my own and that around me. To see it through the imperfections of life.”
    I really love your story and your perspective on life and the beauty of it.

  • Yijoo February 28, 2017 Reply

    This piece reminded me again, what is real beauty. These days people say ‘beauty’ by people ]’s appearance that person is pretty, handsome, cute or ugly. But this piece reminded me again what is REAL ‘BEAUTY’. Thank you for sharing your piece Ms.G

  • Emmie X. February 28, 2017 Reply

    This piece really helps people nowadays. We see beauty always as how we think we’re supposed to see it. We pay attention too much to the physical things. We forget the beauty that takes a second glance to see. Beautiful piece.

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