• Annie October 16, 2018 Reply

    I really enjoyed your story. I think home is where your heart is- where you feel comfortable. Sometimes thats surrounded by people, sometimes by things that are special to you. I hope your new house feels like home too!

  • sbann1 October 17, 2018 Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, Eve. I have two boys that have never lived in their home country and I do my best to make sure they feel they have a home. You story touched me and brought me to tears.

  • Isabella and Jocelyn October 17, 2018 Reply

    We loved your podcast. It made us think of our homes. These houses were so beautiful. These homes are in our hearts.

  • Emma October 17, 2018 Reply

    Hi Eve, thank you for sharing your story. It was very touching and your presentation of it was very easily understandable. I hope you’ve found a sense of home elsewhere. Your cover photo is really great as well, you’re such a pretty girl!

  • 4A October 17, 2018 Reply

    Loved your podcast! Your photo’s cute too! It made us feel like our home 🏠

  • Sierra October 17, 2018 Reply

    Eeeee yess home is definitely where you feel loved and safe. I love your podcast and I miss you so much, my home here is missing you.

    Ps when we were at your empty house I remember you taking a peice of toilet paper as a souvenir before we left, it was cute. Love ya <3

  • Thomas October 19, 2018 Reply

    Really nice story! It made me relate although I was born in my home country and lived there for my childhood. I never felt so sad when I’ve moved, to different country, leaving my old house. But listening to your podcast I think I find my sense of home. It had always lived inside my heart, Thank you…

  • Deborah Chu October 24, 2018 Reply

    Thanks for sharing Eve!! I think your idea of home is true. It can be a feeling of being loved no matter where you might be. Things can change so quickly so it’s lovely to hear that to you your home is more than a place. I hope that this year is going well!

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