Thomas Zhang


  • Stella Leung October 9, 2019 Reply

    I feel sorry for all your sufferings. Sometimes we consciously or unconsciously put so much stuffs on our minds and overwhelming ourselves. The plan we make always sounds great. At the beginning, we always have confidence that we can achieve the goals perfectly. During the work process, something unexpected comes up occasionally, which we are not prepared or out of our control. Then the emotion reaction system will start working and turn ourselves down to depressing mood. I struggle with this kind of situation in the past, now I find a way to cheer myself up. I keep telling myself anything is possible to happen in my life. Once it incurs and then I will embrace it, no matter good or bad. This change makes me feeling strong and I’m not afraid of the embarrass in the assumption of all kinds of what if. As long as I feel the things are controllable, I can do it and even make it better. All these are my sharing. Hopefully it is helpful for you.

  • Ann Durham October 10, 2019 Reply

    Thanks for sharing the inner turmoil you experienced on the first day of your break. I can relate to the struggle of having a demon on one shoulder and an angel on the other. It sounds like you needed to take advantage of the opportunity to rest and relax on your first day of break rather than jump into something else!

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