This I Believe

For the 4th consecutive year, 8th Graders at SIS will craft “This I believe” essays. What began as a radio program, hosted by the legendary Edward R. Murrow as an answer to the fearful affects of McCarthyism and Red Scare paranoia, and then to its modern revival on National Public Radio, has grown into a global phenomenon.  Students from all ages and and cultures have adapted and adopted the essay’s format, to share their most core and vital beliefs and experiences—expressing through writing and recording their unique perspectives.

To declare, “This I believe” is to give voice to your hopes, fears, sorrows, and triumphs.  Housed within this share-site is a repository for our small community of teachers and students, attempting to add our piece to the chorus of voices, worldwide, unafraid and empowered by sharing what is essential to the human experience. Listen, connect, acknowledge, and continue to express your beliefs.

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