Thomas Zhang

Community by Ms. Morgan

“One of a Kind is the Key to Happiness” by Celine Chen

“I Don’t Know” by Catherine X.

“Music is Alive” by Leo C.

Looking for Cinderella- Jade M.

“The Roads of Quandary” by Kevin C.


“Bravery is the Start of Your Life” by Na Hyo K.

“Don’t Jump On Your Violin” by Iris L.

“The Power of Forgiveness” by Hannah C.

“Know Yourself” by Paul K.


“I Believe in Football” by Javier V.


“Color The World” by Kelly Y.

“What You See is Not All” by Hannah K.

“Being True To Yourself” by Jiye J.

“My Constant” by Leo C.


“The Existence of Trust”…by Ben H.

“Pride” by Jimmy C.

“Time Goes On” By Tiffany S.

“Hawaiian Paradise” by William Y.


This I Believe

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