The Big DEAL

SIS’ The Big DEAL (Drop Everything And Listen) is a way to open a space for showcasing student work to a wider audience. By setting aside a common time to just “listen” to student made podcasts, a local and global audience can come together as a community of learners to support, empower and learn from each other.

To take part in TBD, you’ll need:

  • An uninterrupted 10mins of your class
  • A device of your choice (Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc)
  • Headphones

After you’ve set up your devices, you and your students will come to this site, pick a podcast that interests you and listen away!  The event will take place all throughout a whole school day so you can take the DEAL time whenever works better.  As a matter of fact, we’re encouraging everyone to take that time more than once, whenever, wherever! 

So please mark your calendars and plan to attend from the comfort of your own classrooms.  We really hope you can participate and that you love their pieces as much as we do.  We also hope to inspire you and your students to leave feedback (in the comments section) for our writers.

This year’s invite:

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